New interview CD: ‘Paul McCartney in the 80s’

This audio CD, “Paul McCartney: In the 80’s,” due April 7 in the U.S., will look at the career of Paul McCartney in that decade. According to the pre-sell information, it includes a vintage interview containing “intimate details, rare insight and other gems previously not available until now.” Track listings: “New York,” “George Martin,” “Beliefs and Themes,” “Relating to Average People,” “On Michael Jackson,” “Black and White,” “Touring Plans,” “Musicals,” “Out On the Road,” “Spending Money,” “Activities Outside of Music.” Run time: 30 minutes.

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Death of Chuck Berry

Without Chuck Berry, we wouldn’t have a lot of the music we do. The Beatles, the Beach Boys (“Surfin’ USA) and certainly the Stones, to name three, were all influenced by Chuck Berry. Continue reading “Death of Chuck Berry”

Blast from the past: Singer pens George Harrison tribute that sounds like him

One of our favorite columns from the Beatles Examiner days was this one about our discovering Mike Geraghty’s tribute to George Harrison. What was so great was his finished version sounded a lot like George. A lot!

The column is presented here again. (Nice going again, Mike!):

You can listen to the song on our Classic Rock Radio Station.

      Still with You

(A Tribute to George Harrison)

Mike Geraghty says his tribute to George Harrison, “Still With You,” while not a George Harrison song, reflects as much of him as he could put in it.

“A little while after George Harrison’s passing I wanted to compose a tribute to him and his music,” he told us by email. “I chose to approach the song as though George himself were writing it. What would he say to his family, friends and fans. I also wanted to include his deep spirituality and tongue in cheek sense of humor. Then to cap it all off I attempted to write it in Harrison’s style.”
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Tony Sheridan’s son to talk about his father on the BBC

Beatles author Spencer Leigh who’s the host of the BBC Radio Merseyside show “On the Beat” will have as his guest this weekend Tony Sheridan Jr., son of Tony Sheridan with whom the Beatles played and learned a lot from in Hamburg. Leigh says Sheridan Jr. will talk about his dad for the first time. Sheridan died in February of 2013 at age 72. Continue reading “Tony Sheridan’s son to talk about his father on the BBC”

Paul McCartney releases ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ demo

Left-to-Right: Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens, Chris Whitten, Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney, Robbie McIntosh,
Hamish Stuart.
Copyright MPL Productions. Photographer Kim Knott.

A Paul McCartney-Elvis Costello demo from “Flowers in the Dirt” was posted on VEVO today. The song is “Twenty Fine Fingers.”


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George Harrison – The Vinyl Collection Press Release

George Harrison’s vinyl box and book release on February 24th to mark his 74th birthday

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Paul McCartney sues Sony/ATV over Beatles royalties: Looking at the suit

Paul McCartney filed a lawsuit Jan. 18 against SONY/ATV Music Publishing and SONY/ATV Tunes LLC for declaratory judgment seeking to confirm he will get back his portion of the Beatles song copyrights from SONY/ATV in October, 2018. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York.

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Paul McCartney’s new 2017 album … what’s really up?

The first tip of a new Paul McCartney album came last February in the UK Sun, which reported both the album and that he was working with Adele’s producer Greg Kurstin. McCartney confirmed the news in a story in the Washington Post in July, saying “I’d like to get an album by next year.” Then, in August, he told Rolling Stone, “I’ll put out my next album, but I won’t think I’m gonna sell a lot. I’m putting it out because I have songs that I like. And I will do my best job.”

Here’s how it stands now, as sources tell us: The album is timed for the summer with a single to be released in June. And he may preview some of the songs at his upcoming dates in Japan in late April. 

Beatles News from Steve Marinucci

Beatles pics from Abbey Road sessions

These are pictures from an unknown source of John, Paul and Ringo during the recording of the Abbey Road album inside the Abbey Road studios. Also, unknown is what song they were recording at the time the photos were taken. Continue reading “Beatles pics from Abbey Road sessions”

Report: Beatles’ Magic Alex dead

We’re checking this, but there’s a report from a French news agency that Alexis Mardas, aka Magic Alex, has died. According to the report, he was 74.

Update: This has now been confirmed. We’ve written a story for Billboard that will be up soon.
Update #2: My story on
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