Guitarist Glenn Frey Dies at the Age of 67

The Eagles announce the death of guitar player Glenn Frey at age 67

Glenn Frey (1948-2016)

Glenn Frey, one of the founders of the Eagles band, has died in New York City at the age of 67 from rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and pneumonia.

The Eagles were one of the most successful bands of the 1970’s. They were formed by Frey, drummer Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. The band had multiple hit singles and more than 150 million worldwide sales of their albums, among the best selling record albums in history.

One of the band’s greatest hits, “Hotel California,” was written by Frey, Henley and fellow band member, Don Felder. Frey also wrote “Heartache Tonight” and “Lyin’ Eyes.” Frey and Jackson Browne wrote the band’s first hit single, “Take It Easy.” Frey and Henley wrote most of the band’s songs.

After the band’s tumultuous breakup in 1980, Frey had a successful career as a solo artist, most notably in writing “The Heat is On,” for the 1984 movie “Beverly Hills Cop.”

In 1994, the Eagles reunited and performed many popular concerts.

Don Henley remembered Frey in the following statement:

He was like a brother to me; we were family, and like most families, there was some dysfunction.

But, the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken, even during the 14 years that the Eagles were dissolved.

Glenn Frey in Concert at the Inglewood Forum on January 15, 2014
Glenn Frey in Concert at the Inglewood Forum on January 15, 2014
The Eagles in 1971.
The Eagles in 1971. Glenn Frye is on the right in the back row. (Getty Images)

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